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About Us


    The Shea Butter Network seeks to spread awareness and use of all natural products that can be used for both skin and hair care. The earth provides us with an abundance of different resources to help us maintain, repair, and treat our  hair and skin. We stand by and promote the use of all natural products for the body as a whole. We want to help others discover the benefits of using all natural products from the earth and ending the reliance on chemically based products, that often result in adverse long term effects. 

    If you happen to search you will find that there are many people suffering from some degree of damaged hair and problematic skin. Our bodies are in crisis and we have to remember that our skin is very valuable; it is our first and most important layer of protection. All of the natural products carried by the Shea Butter Network are beneficial and can be used to improve the quality of one's hair and skin. Our products are 100% organic and can be used to create a variety of other products and protectants, such as body butters, styling creams and conditioners. 


    We encourage you to try some of our products and see the results for yourself. Remember each individual's hair and skin needs are different and can be sensitive to new products. We thoroughly encourage researching these products and using them in moderation when first testing them on the skin. 


Thank you for going natural with the Shea Butter Network!

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